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Hot pot city trademark enterprise was cancelled

  catering enterprises in Nanning, Guilin found himself in Nanning to be fraudulent use of a registered trademark, and rights through legal means. Violators under the dignity of law, active cancellation of enterprise. On May 5, the Guilin authorities informed the media that the "Guangxi's first trademark rights protected by the copyright and trademark double" story.
in early January 2009, Mr Chun Kee Yin head Qin, Guilin city, received a call from a peer said, Dragon road, there's a hot pot in Nanning city and "Chun Kee" signs, and indicate whether it is "private kitchens of Guilin". It immediately attracted the attention of Mr Qin, "Chun JI" trademark was adopted in 2004 and 2008 respectively, trade marks and copyright registration, and never to any foreign companies are authorized to use.
Mr Qin, Guilin city, find copyright protection Association for help. On January 13, copyright protection in Guilin Association sent a rights group, together with Mr Qin to Nanning, to evidence the infringement hot pot city.
investigations, this "Chun Kee hot pot city" was opened in December 2008. Rights Panel finds that Huang had violated Gui Linchun remember drinking industrial company "Chun JI" right to exclusive use of registered trademarks. On March 6, the company formally charged, asked the Court to order the defendant to stop infringement, compensation for the economic loss of 500,000 yuan, and the newspaper apologized. On March 12, the Nanning city intermediate people's Court has accepted the case, and the trial is scheduled for May 22.
on April 27, Mr Qin again with the activist group came to Nanning. They learned that perpetrators after Huang received a court summons, under the Majesty of the law, on April 22 to go out of business, and for the enterprise's cancellation procedures. But when they came to the infringement hot pot City again, but see "Chun Kee" signs, whole restaurants catering supplies supermarkets, playing "Chun JI" sale of tableware in the words.
"while they unregistered enterprises, but this way of dealing with infringements! "Mr Qin said," this is undoubtedly at the expense of our corporate image! "As a result, rights groups immediately complained to the Nanning industrial and commercial sectors, request immediately ordered Huang, clear" Chun JI "signs. On April 28, under the supervision of the business sector, Huang infringement removed.
Mr Qin said given that Hwang had to cease the infringement, they no longer hold each other accountable, and on April 29, withdrew the charges against Huang.

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