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Cannot sell the brand, not to sell your soul

  real awareness Zhu xinli is in win in China program in the, at he and Ma, and Shi Yuzhu, a in program site taught entries who how venture,, which has a sentence words I has also impression deep "we learning Coca-Cola, then beyond he", this sentence words in last night of program in the and once in front of by site audience of surface again said has a again, Coca-Cola to acquisition meeting source of thing not day two days of, but since it was media reported of that carved up, a stone provoked thousand layer waves, people opinion of a uproar , Zhu xinli is brain has problem, good a brand how said sold has on sold has, so road China enterprise on so no self-esteem? family throwing a eye on to he arms in pour? bi meaning meeting source is authentic of private enterprise, in development process in the by has national policy of generous support treatment, now is to put more than 10 20 years of hard results over, inevitably not was people consistent against sound, will with General of commercial acquisition merged case rose to has national and national of problem up has.  
"we learning Coca-Cola, then beyond he", now is became so rich dramatic, a had full better wishes of meeting source is to sold himself of competition opponents, is hundred thought shall not its solutions, a big of private enterprise, its pure juice products occupy China market of 70% above, related industry by led of employment number up to tens of thousands of people, and now to easy main Coca-Cola, dare Zhu total you is wants to save meeting source, also is to destruction meeting source?
Actually we does not against normal reasonable of commercial merger case, if a enterprise or brand for management poor and appeared crisis is should sold, IBM of personal PC sector also not was Lenovo acquisition has, how didn't see Americans like we such against Coca-Cola acquisition meeting source as, Coca-Cola acquisition meeting source surface Shang see is with commercial merger or commercial strategy, can from past of foreign merger China enterprise of case view its purpose may only asked asked He Boquan, and cases celebrates Hou on know has.
Enterprise mergers in China, not a two, but the result was almost a striking resemblance, either death or disability, either struggling or regret. To see their destiny, maybe you can understand why are we so in love with the foreign takeovers of Chinese companies?
1990, the Shanghai joint venture with Johnson wax, people familiar with the "maxam" was shelved, "maxam" blackened beauty of mosquito-repellent incense by radar, was washed by mighty Mr. Shanghai jahwa maxam brand recovery in 1994 to spend 500 million Yuan, but has lost the opportunity to turn around.
in 1994, Unilever achieved control of Shanghai toothpaste factory, Shanghai toothpaste factory are run and used brand leasing "China" toothpaste, there has been a "China" toothpaste is not Chinese embarrassment today, Chinese toothpaste market share has been pathetic.
1996, "vitality 28" and Germany beauty clean Shi company joint venture Hou, "vitality 28" this well-known detergent brand from people of memory in the gradually disappeared has, vitality 28 of vitality was beauty clean Shi extrusion have into has graves, didn't has!
2000, robust was up can company acquisition, now robust brand has basic exit market, had smash hit of 27 purification also difficult find trail, in market Shang purification of almost has, health Express also seems didn't oil has, cannot normal driving has.
2003 l ' Oréal buy nurse now, 5 years later, small nursing home care of l ' Oréal? barely out the door, go to the store almost disappeared.
last year because wahaha for and Danone of trademark of quarrel of around, now and appeared Coca-Cola acquisition meeting source of message,, has has so more of Rouse, meeting source acquisition case provoked has people has sank long of national emotional, against sound came, jungle is this world of survival law, big enterprise merger small enterprise, on like United States playing Afghanistan, and Iraq as, on I constitute threat, I on playing you, even see you not pleasing will playing you also maybe, Foreign enterprise merger China Enterprise ever and not this truth, in world Shang Coca-Cola is world 500 strong, but in China, he of status also not withering, canned beverage boss of location was China herbal tea King old JI to claimed has to, juice products also than unified, more without with meeting source par has, Coca-Cola out this a enrollment, actually in he heart understand of is, is wants to unearned, to defend Wei it in China market of beverage industry first location, it even somewhat can't wait. So ruthless, not on China enterprise of one killing?
with financial crisis of constantly spread, many enterprise of days bad had that is really of, if just lift up gun on shouted surrendered that also not what good soldiers, willing to do captured of soldiers than traitors more terrible,, enterprise is so, if has opportunities survived down or live have just of when also with outsiders flirting, I see such of entrepreneurs also not what good goods, if this enterprise by representative of is whole industry or whole national, He cannot be forgiven, says social values might be a cheap lie, the aim is not just to his feelings by cheating the people, emptied the nation's wealth and the pressures of public opinion in endorsements?
both individuals, companies or countries, want to survive must make unremitting efforts, their strong real strong. Do not rely on any external forces, not Fox. Huawei, and ZTE, and Haier, and Lenovo, a batch China excellent enterprise not are go with this article stars Avenue did, not in by with independent innovation and strategy transformation enjoy with enterprise development by brings glory did?
the Coca-Cola acquisition meeting source is obvious is Coca-Cola set of trap, wants to eroded and occupy China beverage market is most fundamental of purpose, alone meeting source this brand comes as adolescent, development potential of huge estimated and not to discussion, on like to has middle-aged also without so wants to not open Ah? Huiyuan from any point of view to judge, are not necessary for Coca-Cola's bid, selling Huiyuan brand may be no great difference to me personally, for Huiyuan not me, I wish, if it is in the point of view of State responsibility or emotional selling Huiyuan is selling your soul!!

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