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Consumers consider "elegant birds" misleading the consumer refunds

  2007 in Miyun County, elegant birds stores spend 400 Yuan Yuan buying two sets of elegant birds clothing. Clothes packaging and clothing labels are printed with "China well-known trademark, the national inspection-free product, China famous brand product" logo. After returning home, Mr Yuen found in the Administration for industry and commerce on the website, elegant birds series "a well-known trademark in China" identifies the only footwear to use does not include clothing items.
Mr Yuen, elegant birds store display sign with large fonts on publicity elegant birds series of "famous Chinese trademark and national inspection-free product" and so on, are misleading consumers, belonging to intentional fraud, so he will be the owner to court, asking for double indemnity.
, the store owner, Sun said, their elegant birds trademarks only in footwear products, enjoying such titles, but in the course of business does not conceal the fact, deliberately guide consumers, so there is no fraud. And clothing and trademarks are elegant birds produced, quality is not a problem, don't agree with double indemnity.
Finally, on the basis of facts, the Court of conciliation between the two sides, the owner, Sun Court of Yuan has been through the elegant birds brand garment for a full refund.

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