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Yashi Li posing as yashili

  on May 8, the Suzhou Nippon yashili paint co come from business unfinished stations reflect, da Ming Palace ' region alleged distributor of counterfeit the company yashili brand paints and coatings, thus violating their right to exclusive use of registered trademarks.
immediately, weiyang branch of industry and commerce by the inspection group of law enforcement officers come clues, the district da Ming Palace plate market dealers were inspected. Seized in the 4 stores labeled "Guangdong Nippon" brand of environmentally-friendly paint 14 liter 26 barrels, found Shanghai Jin "Ya Shi Li" brand ecology wall paint 14 liter 54 barrels. At the scene, the company professionals from packaging features, product identification, odor and performance specification, such as the paint has been carefully identified and testing, this 80 barrels of "Guangdong Nippon" and "Ya Shi Li" brand paints were fake or counterfeit. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the companies and consumers the right to exclusive use of registered trademarks, business law-enforcement officers seized the suspected counterfeit counterfeit painting products. The current case is under further investigation.

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