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Wen has two patents against Wal-Mart last year won a lawsuit

  "last year we won a patent infringement lawsuit with Wal-Mart, now we have to play a game. "Yesterday, Wenzhou kaishi electric head Zheng Mingjie told reporters on the telephone.
last October, Jinhua city intermediate people's Court trial, Zheng Mingjie sued Wal-Mart department store in Jinhua in East China's Times Square store (hereinafter referred to as the Jinhua Wal-Mart) and its supplier Shenzhen Crown Industries Limited (hereinafter referred to as company) patent infringement case. Zheng Mingjie
the plaintiff claims: in 2005, he designed a hand push button can be used to produce electric power for the lighting of the torch by the State intellectual property Office granted the patent, but gave a counterfeit of the plaintiff's patent, for illegal manufacturing, sale, constitutes patent infringement, and because of the defendant's product sales a huge, poor, to make market share and reputation has been greatly affected. To this end, the plaintiffs asked the Court to order the two defendants immediately stop and the plaintiffs patented product the same or similar sales violations, destruction of mold produce infringing products, compensation for the economic loss of 150,000 yuan, and advertised to remove.
last December, the Jinhua city intermediate people's Court shall make a judgment, accused Wal-Mart of Jinhua immediately stop sales falling into the plaintiff's patent, design patent protection product, the defendant company to immediately stop manufacturing, sales fell into the plaintiff's patent, design patent protection products. In addition, companies compensate the plaintiff Zheng Mingjie economic loss and reasonable expenses incurred for the proceedings of 40,000 yuan.
the end of last year, Wenzhou kaishi Electric Co and found Crown flashlight products in Wal-Mart East China stores some of the Mall also has a sales subsidiary, and Wal-Mart East China stores Ltd and Shenzhen Crown industrial company to small claims court and requested the respondent compensation of 600,000 yuan. Zheng Mingjie said at present, the case has been accepted by the Ningbo intermediate people's Court, Jinhua city intermediate people's Court accepted the same case, after the case was transferred to the jurisdiction of the intermediate people's Court in Jinhua city.

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