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Nanchang city famous brand new 22

  Nanchang news 13th, 2011-held city Nanchang city famous trademark. At the meeting, well-known trademarks identified by the Committee on the application of Nanchang city 22 trademark has been carefully reviewed and concluded that the 22 trademark as a well-known trademark in Nanchang city. Vice Mayor Zhang Genshui attended.
July 2011, the Commerce and Industry Bureau issued the famous trademark, Nanchang on 2011-notice, counties and districts directly under the trade and Industry Bureau, and the grass-roots level industry and Commerce sub-Bureau attached great importance to strengthening advocacy, mobilization, and actively guide enterprises to organize well-known trademark declarations.
voluntary application by the applicant, the county district trade and industry recommended, according to trade and industry, conducted a preliminary assessment under the relevant programmes, on November 24, 2011 and preliminary review of 24 trade mark for a period of 30 days of publicity, for the community to solicit opinions. Eventually, the pharmaceutical company, Cheong JI-Shun "JI-Shun" 22 trademarks, such as through public announcements, Nanchang city, was recognized as well-known trademarks.
in recent years, the city administration continue to broaden the brand cultivation areas, increase the number of trade mark foster, actively promoting the implementation of brand strategy, effort to serve "brand of Nanchang", trademark, city construction, has boosted the city's economic and social development.


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