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Paint for brand-building glory – won the Zhejiang Province famous trademark

  recently, biography of paint brand construction can be described as news constantly, news repeatedly, following was group named culture brand construction advanced Hou, Zhejiang Province Bureau and released has on finds "biography of", 339 pieces trademark for 2011 degrees Zhejiang Province with name trademark of notification (Zhejiang workers trademark [2011]106,), "biography of" trademark 2 class/dye, and color, and edible pigment, and printing ink, and paint, and coating (paint) was finds for "Zhejiang Province with name trademark".
"brand is market competition of sword, is enterprise development of target", biography of paint company has been are in sound, and solid to do Enterprise, and do brand, after more than 10 years of development, regardless of in enterprise strength, and technology innovation, and management mechanism, and market marketing, and brand construction, the aspects are made has larger of development, became has China paint industry most by concern and most with market potential of enterprise one of. Especially since 2010, drive brand promotion of the company, on their way to brand building, proposed creating "health care paint brand" brand vision, after two years of efforts to increase brand awareness and influence. Brand landing Terminal, exhibiting for the first time, China (Beijing) International coatings Expo and China industry development forum, "paint color care" charity oversized Jiande and jinzhai, elected China coating industry association, won the coatings industry's most influential brand, proves that paint was awarded "famous trademark in Zhejiang Province" to deserve it.
the "famous trademark in Zhejiang Province" certified by, is the brand of paint set (China online) is an affirmation and encouragement. Next, we need to work harder, solidly build paint brand, we have reason to believe, the future has the strength to lead Zhejiang transfar paint coatings enterprises to the country, become a banner of China coatings industry development.


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