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Without permission from the registrant from using a registered trademark

  evening news (reporter Xiang Dahua Ma Tianyi) a few days ago, badong County, Secretary for trade and industry issued administrative punishment hearing notice, order the hot pot immediately to stop acts of violations of the right to exclusive use of a registered trademark, and a certain amount of economic punishment.
this year October, in badong County Bureau economic check Brigade received reported Hou, check found the pot shop outside wall Shang has a "Chongqing Tokusho" words of lightbox signs, shop door are above hanging a article "China famous pot national top ten chain enterprise" words of banner, shop within of wall Shang posted Chongqing Tokusho company of "fire pot" image figure and "first fire pot" dedicated advertising Word, and Tokusho company and the joined shop of business features introduction, meal chair back behind, and table Shang displayed of chopsticks, and Menus (menus), private chafing material on the outer packaging has "Tokusho" logo pattern. Unable to provide for the hotpot live "Tokusho" files relevant to trade mark registration the granting, by the industrial and commercial sector to initiate an investigation.
have been confirmed, in late June this year, the hot pot restaurant, Yichang city, in accordance with the "Chongqing Tokusho" hot pot store offers USB drive styles had invested 70,000 yuan to purchase "Tokusho" mark Tokusho Chongqing hot pot special stoves, dining tables, Dining chairs, utensils and other equipment, has produced a plaque and banner advertising, added at the hotel "Tokusho pot" engaged in the project. The hot pot used in the course of business "Tokusho" logo graphic content and the registrant (Tokusho, Chongqing food Ltd) registered "Tokusho" graphic trade mark the same content, but without the licensing of the trademark registrant.


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