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Trademark registration

  trademark registration is a legal person or other organization to its production, manufacture, processing, sorting and distribution of commodities or provision of services in order to obtain exclusive rights in trademarks, the State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office according to law (hereinafter referred to as the Trademark Office) 's application for trademark registration.

the State Trademark Office trademark registration procedures for trademark registration processes and procedures
de registration of a new trademark application procedure in two steps.
the first step: trademark queries. The mark and the use of goods or services, the word mark within 30 minutes of the query result; graphic trademark within 24 hours of the query results.
the second step: apply for registration.
① application stage: presentation file (before 12 o'clock in the morning) express mail the same day reported to the trademark office within two days, returns the list submitted by the Trademark Office;
II stage of formal acceptance, review: forms have been approved--issued trademark office technology – substantive examination;
③ notices, registration stage: examination as to substance by--the trial announcement – registration announcement--issue a certificate of registration by the Trademark Office.
trademark registered time
1, and trademark Council about 1 months issued accepted notice;
2, and trial announcement period 3 months;
3, and trademark registered completed whole time about need 12 months around;
4, and I company will each 6 months to customer informed application trademark of latest progress;
5, and except trial announcement period 3 months is statutory term outside, other time are for estimates time, because legal no on trademark review of completed time made clear provides, Final finish by the Trademark Office shall prevail. Registration trademark
1, on behalf of the legal person: copy of business license clear brand identity, application, power of attorney.
2, individual: photocopy, individual a photocopy, clear brand identity, application, power of attorney.
trademark registration fees
trademark registration fee is divided into two parts: query (such as for billing enquiries) and registration fees.
① query: query 120.00; English Query 200.00; graphical query 300.00. In addition to graphics are trademarks in China net free queries.
② registration fee: official fee RMB 1000.00/parts, fee RMB 1000.00/parts (General trademark), total: RMB 2000.00/(do not need to pay any fees within ten years).

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