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Trademark assignment

  a, and trademark transfer application by needed file
1, and trademark by let people signed or sealed of trademark agent Attorney;
2, and trademark transfer people and by let people signed or sealed of trademark transfer applications;
3, and trademark by let people of license (corporate)/ID (natural) copies, and individual industrial and commercial households registration card;
4, and trademark transfer people of license (corporate)/ID (natural) copies;
5, and Notice of trademark registration certificate/accepts copy of
6, the transferor and the transferee signature or seal a copy of the trademark transfer agreement.
b, application for transfer of a trademark program
trademark transfer around takes about 10 months to complete the whole time, the whole process for the application, acceptance, review, notice, issued by the transfer.
requirements, and requirements for transfer as follows: official fee RMB 1000.00 per piece, the agency fee RMB 1000.00/total: RMB 2000.00/piece.


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