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EU registration

  trademark registration
consists of 27 EU Member States-Austria, and France, and Italy, and Spain, and Belgium, and Germany, and Luxembourg, and Sweden, and Denmark, and Greece and the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and Finland, and Ireland, and Portugal, and Hungary, and Poland and the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Slovakia, and Estonia, and Lithuania, and Malta, Cyprus, Latvia, Bulgaria, and Romania.
, EU trademark has the following features:
1, low cost: must submit an application to register only once, you can obtain registration protection throughout the 27 Member States of the European Union. Compared with the 27 countries submitted applications, costs can be substantially reduced.
2, uniform protection: a trademark registration protection available to the 27 EU Member States, decisions in trademark cases will be implemented in all EU countries.
3, unity on EU trademark rights: transfer only for sale; however trademark license to use can be restricted to one or more specific Member States.
4, use: use of trademarks in any of the EU countries is enough to fight on the grounds of trademark is not used for the discharge application.
5, enjoy priority: the same trademark name to one or more of the specified goods or services, in the Member States of the Paris Convention to apply for six months when applying for a Community trade mark, may have priority.
6, table types: an application for trademark protection of more than one category can be specified and within the three categories of costs do not increase.
II, and EU trademark of basic registered program following by said:
1, and applicants to EU internal market Coordination Council or EU members trademark Council proposed application;
2, and EU internal market Coordination Council form review and will through application of application notification the members of trademark competent organ, for EU retrieved;
3, and review through Hou, into three months of announcement period, in this three months in any third party can on announcement of trademark proposed objections;
4, and If there is no third party challenge or objection fails, applications can be registered trademarks;
5, apply for a registration period of 12-18 months;
6, registration of trademark validity: valid for 10 years from the date of filing, unlimited renewals.


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